Board Meetings

Outlined below are all the APESB meeting dates for the current year as well as the previous calendar years. Where available, the accompanying meeting agenda, board papers and highlights are also listed.

All discussions at these meetings about professional and ethical standards and guidance notes are open to the public.

Highlights of each meeting will be placed on the website within two weeks of the meeting. Decisions reported in the highlights document are tentative and may be changed or modified by the APESB out-of-session. Such decisions made out-of-session will be ratified at the next face-to-face meeting.

2019 Meeting Dates

2018 Meeting Dates

2017 Meeting Dates

2016 Meeting Dates

2015 Meeting Dates

2014 Meeting Dates

2013 Meeting Dates

2012 Meeting Dates

2011 Meeting Dates

2010 Meeting Dates

2009 Meeting Dates

2008 Meeting Dates