Standards & Guidance

APESB Standards

APESB standards contain the professional and ethical requirements relating to the conduct and performance of professional services across various types of professional engagements. They are mandatory for accounting professionals who are members of CPA Australia, CA ANZ and the IPA.

Guidance Notes

Guidance notes contain guidance material to assist members to comply with the relevant APESB standards. They do not replace or interpret requirements contained in the standards.

Superseded Pronouncements

Miscellaneous Professional Statements (APS) and Joint Guidance Notes (GNs) were issued prior to 7 February 2006 by CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA ANZ). The APSs and GNs are being reviewed progressively, and either re-issued or withdrawn.

Six-Month Review Reports

APESB is required to review the implementation of new and amended professional and ethical standards within six months of issue.

Annual Review Reports

APESB is required to review the status of professional and ethical standards annually and identify any areas requiring new or updated professional and ethical standards.

Issues Register

APESB maintains an issues register for every standard and guidance note issued. Issues logged on the register provide the basis for project proposals, six monthly and annual review reports.