The Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board (APESB) was established as an independent body in February 2006, as an initiative of CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. CPA Australia, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) are the three Members of the APESB as defined in APESB's Constitution.

What's New

APESB's Submission To IESBA On Proposed Strategy And Work Plan 2014-2018


In December 2013 IESBA released for public consultation its Proposed Strategy and Work Plan, 2014-2018. APESB's Code (APES 110) is based on the IESBA Code and is materially consistent with the IESBA Code. APESB prepared a submission in respect of this international exposure draft for IESBA's consideration. Stakeholders can review the full submission below:

APESB's submission to the IESBA

International Consultation Paper - IESBA Proposed Strategy and Work Plan 2014-2018